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How can I watch Hotstar with Friends

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No wonder people love watching their favorite shows, movies, series, news, and documentaries on streaming platforms like Hotstar. Besides, if you don’t know, Hotstar is a paid service platform that requires a subscription to start streaming. But at the time, apart from streaming, Hotstar also offered options like Hotstar Party via Hotstar Party extension. Moreover, switching to the Hotstar party enables you to connect with your distant friends and family members across the globe via a sync pattern. Hence, using this denies all types of the distance between you and your close ones. The most amazing part is you don’t need to pay to install the Hotstar extension on your smart device. 

Once you install the Hotstar Party extension will let you enjoy its unique features that enhance your streaming experience. And these are group chatting along with streaming, personalizing Hotstar watch parties, controllability over watch parties, HD streaming, and global accessibility. Now to know how to install the Hotstar Party Extension and join the watch party, straight jump onto the below information.

How can you Watch Hotstar with Friends?      

To enjoy and host the Hotstar party to stream movies and shows binge-free with your friends and family, installing the watch party extension is essential. Moreover, to know how to install the extension manually, follow the downward steps:   

First: Download Hotstar Party 

Initially, you need to download the free Hotstar Party extension on the macOS, Chromebook, Computers, and Windows devices. Remember, you can install the watch party extension on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 

Second: Pin the Extension

Next, you need to install the extension by clicking on the “hotstar party” button in the toolbar; also, pin it there. Once you are done, search for the “favicon” button. Remember to click on the puzzle icon, which you can find in the top right corner of the browser if you don’t find the button. Lastly, end it by pinning the watch party extension from there.  

Third: Log in to Hotstar

In order to move forward with the process of hosting a watch party, you need to sign in to your Hotstar account. Hence, ensure to create your Hotstar account to create a watch party if you are a new user.

Fourth: Ready, Set, Play 

After logging into your Hotstar account, begin by searching for your favorite content on Hotstar. Afterward, play the selected video that you would like to stream and enjoy with your distant and close ones. 

Fifth: Create the Hotstar Party

In this second last step, you need to click on the “favicon” button to organize a Hotstar watch party. Furthermore, it will show you a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” window with a “START A PARTY” button. Here, you need to click on that button in order to generate a watch party invitation URL.

Sixth: Share the invitation URL

Now, you can end this by sharing the generated watch party URL with your friends. Doing so will let your friends and invite them to join and enjoy the Hotstar Party via the Hotstar Party Extension.  

How Can you Join the Hotstar Watch Party? 

Remember, installing the Hotstar Party extension opens all the doors for you to host and join a Hotstar watch party. And to know how you can do it, following the downward information can help you the best: 

First: Download and PIN the Extension
First and foremost, you need to download the extension on your smart device. And once you download the extension, pin it by clicking the “favicon” button on your browser’s toolbar.

Second: Sign in to your Hotstar Account

Being a watch party member, owning a separate Hotstar subscription is essential. Besides, having a subscription makes you eligible to sign in to your Hotstar account.

Third: Click on the invitation URL 

In the last step, give a kick-start to your Hotstar party by clicking on the invitation link shared by your friend. Once you click on the invitation link, it will automatically redirect you to the watch party. As a result, you can start streaming and enjoying yourself with your long-distance friends and loved ones.

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