Hotstar Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


Now there’s a new way of connecting with your distant friends and making memories. You can host a Hotstar watch party with anyone around the world in smooth sync. Therefore, the distance does not matter with the Hotstar party. You will get to make memories of a lifetime with HD video quality, and guess what? Hotstar Party extension is free, and you don’t have to invest in anything. So, what’s stopping you? Install Hotstar watch party extension now and stream thousands of your favorites with your loved ones.


Are you a Hotstar fanatic who loves to binge-watch Hotstar shows and movies? Then the Hotstar Party is vital for you at no cost at all. Therefore, you can watch seamlessly in sync with any of your friends around the world. It’s effortless hosting a watch party if you follow these simple steps.

Firstly, you must download the free Hotstar Party extension. This extension supports Chromebook, macOS, Windows, and Computers. Moreover, you must have either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to install the extension.

Once you install the extension, you will see the “hotstar party” button in the toolbar, which you shall pin there. If you don’t see the “favicon” button, click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the browser and pin it from there.

To proceed further with hosting a watch party, you will be required to open Hotstar and sign in to your Hotstar account. Please remember that you need your Hotstar account to create a watch party.

Search for your favorites on Hotstar or anything you wish to watch and enjoy with your friends. After that, play the selected video to proceed further.

Now, click on the “favicon” button to create a Hotstar watch party. Furthermore, you will see a window named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” with a “START A PARTY” button. Click on that button to generate an invitation URL to the watch party.

The final step is to share the generated invitation URL with the friends you wish to join in your Hotstar watch party.


Hosting a Hotstar watch party is as easy as joining the watch party. Here are the easy-breezy instructions on how you can participate in a watch party.

You must download the extension first. Furthermore, you need to pin the extension with the “favicon” button to your browser’s toolbar.

Please remember that all the watch party members must have their separate Hotstar subscriptions. Then you have to sign in to your Hotstar account.

The final step is to click on the invitation link to the watch party that your friend shared with you. Moreover, after clicking on the invitation link, you will reach the watch party directly. The only thing left to do now is stream and enjoy with your long-distance friends.


The Hotstar party extension is specially curated for all Hotstar fans. Whether it’s shows, movies, or even live sports, you will be able to enjoy the watch party seamlessly. Furthermore, it has some wonderful features to enhance your experience and bring you to ease. Let’s break into the features.

You get to chat with your pals during the watch party. What could be better than this, right? While watching your favorite videos, you can discuss them in the side group chat and even react to the scenes.

You have the option of customizing the watch party. Therefore, you can choose a fun, cool nickname for your profile, appearing in the watch party and group chat. However, you can also put an inbuilt avatar as your user icon. Hence, you can personalize your Hotstar watch party by customizing nicknames and avatars.

You can enable the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button in the watch parties and get a full remote of the Hotstar watch party. Of course, you can also disable that button. Therefore, you get to play, pause, forward, and rewind the video in the Hotstar watch party by gaining control of the watch party. However, please know that all the watch party members still have control of their system settings. For instance, you still control your system’s audio, language, and subtitle settings.

Hotstar watch party extension provides streaming in HD video quality to give you a better streaming experience. Therefore, you get to stream anywhere globally with fantastic video quality and fast buffering.

You just have to make sure that Hotstar is available in the countries where you’re trying to host the Hotstar watch party. Although, it is preferred that all the watch party members be in the same country. However, if someone belongs to another country, they can use the VPN services to change their country and join the Hotstar watch party.