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Hotstar Watch Party: Turn on Movie Watching To A Cherishable Experience

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If you are planning a movie night with your loved ones, here is the perfect recommendation for it. Using the ideal browser extension for watch parties will turn your movie night into a memorable experience. Furthermore, it will give you an entertaining time to bond with your friends. The extension that allows you for all these things is Hotstar Party.  

Hotstar Watch Party is an incredible web extension that synchronizes video playback for everyone. Therefore, allowing all to watch the same thing simultaneously without anyone jumping forward or falling behind. Furthermore, it offers HD resolutions to watch everything in a comforting and enhanced way. Moreover, this extension allows you to watch TV with your far-flung friends and family. 


How to Organize a Hotstar Watch Party?

You can practically watch any entertaining content you want with this watch party extension. Furthermore, you can host a virtual watch party for up to 100 people. Henceforth, bring the movie theaters to yourself now and gather everyone for a fun and entertaining time. Moreover, it's uncannily a terrific method to meet the distance virtually and rekindle with your remote living loved ones. 

To learn how to install the extension to host a watch party, adhere to the following instructions:

1.First, search for the Hotstar Party on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Alternatively, visit to install the extension. 

2.Next, get the extension in your system. Also, you can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.  

3.Once installed, please pin the extension on the browser's toolbar.

4.Now, log in to your Hotstar subscription account. 

5.After that, search for and start playing a movie or series you want to enjoy with your party pals. 

6.Subsequently, visit the browser from the video playing screen and tap on the extension to create a watch party.

7.On that, tap on the "Start A Party" button to generate an invitation URL 

8.You will then get the option to copy the link. Tap on it to copy and share with friends, family, or anyone else you want to attend your watch party.

9.Finally, tap on the shared link to join the virtual watch party for Hotstar. 

What makes Hotstar Watch Party Extension one-of-a-Kind?

The one that is distinguished from others has the advantage of attracting attention. Hotstar Party is a top-notch watch party hosting for Hotstar, thanks to its rich features and excellent support. Following are those key characteristics that make him stand out from others:

1.Real-Time Chat

Here you have a dedicated chat feature to converse with your party companions while streaming together. An experience to treasure is sharing your reactions with your friends and family. At the same time, a viewing party on Hotstar takes place.

2.Videos Synchronization

The main issue while holding the virtual watch party is video latency. The video synchronization feature is perfect here, which makes it impossible for all viewers to enjoy. However, thanks to Hotstar Party, everyone at the watch party can enjoy the film or series without lagging.

3.Simple And Quick Installation

One of the major difficulties with using the watch party add-ons is installation. However, Hotstar Party is straightforward to install and host watch parties with. After starting the video, click the logo to launch the watch party right away. Send your friends the URL so they may watch the movie with you and chat while you watch.


It always feels very responsible yet so amazing to be the captain of the ship. You can be the true host of the watch party by acquiring control of it. The extension gives the host an "Only I Have Control" button. Turning this button on/off, you can take or relinquish the watch party management. 

5.Privacy Aimed

Hotstar watch parties are more enjoyable when there is no invasion of privacy. Total encryption of all chat and streaming between users without using servers. It implies that any communication conducted using the watch party extension for Hotstar stays private and uninterruptible between the users. Using this add-on will ensure there is no data leak or outside intervention.

6.Free To Use

This plugin is entirely free to use and does not require any sign-in or account creation. Therefore, you may host and join unlimited watch parties with your loved ones. Furthermore, the extension is compatible with multiple OS and devices, including Chromebooks, macOS, Windows, laptops, and desktop PCs.


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