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How Can I Share Hotstar with Friends

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In a period where computerized streaming is an essential wellspring of diversion, imparting the experience to loved ones adds a shared perspective to our review propensities. Hotstar, a famous streaming stage, offers a wide variety of content yet comes up short on in-fabricated highlights for watch parties. However, the concept of a 'Hotstar Party' can be achieved through innovative alternatives. This guide investigates how to utilize outsider administrations like Teleparty, Watch2Gether, and Kast to make synchronized streaming meetings, uniting individuals practically to appreciate motion pictures, shows, and games. It also delves into Hotstar's sharing features, such as family plans and multiple profiles, for a more personalized and secure experience. By following these methods and respecting Hotstar's terms of service, you can enhance your streaming experience, making it a social and interactive event regardless of physical distance.

How To Share Hotstar With Friends Using Hotstar Party & Other Alternatives?

Sharing your favorite Hotstar content with friends can transform your viewing experience into a social and interactive event. While Hotstar has no built-in feature for watch parties, various alternatives exist. It includes the concept of a 'Hotstar Party Chrome extension,' which can be used to enjoy synchronized streaming with friends. Here's a guide on how to share Hotstar with friends using the Hotstar Watch Party extension and other alternatives:

Hotstar Party with Third-Party Services

1: Choose a Synchronization Tool

1.1 Teleparty, Watch2Gether, and Kast are popular browser extensions. And online tools that allow synchronized video playback across different streaming platforms, including Hotstar.

2: Install the Extension or App

1.2 For browser extensions like Teleparty, add them to browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

1.3 For standalone apps like Kast, download and install them on your device.

3: Start the Hotstar Watch Party

1.4 Log into your Hotstar account and choose the content to watch.

1.5 Create a Hotstar watch party using the installed extension or app, and get a shareable link.

4: Invite Your Friends

1.6 Share the Hotstar Party link via messaging apps, email, or social media.

1.7 Ensure all participants have the necessary extension/app and are logged into Hotstar.

5: Enjoy Together

1.8 Start the playback, which should be synchronized for all.

1.9 Utilize chat features for real-time discussion at your Hotstar Party.

6: Manage the Party

1.10 As the host, control playback for all viewers.

1.11 Troubleshoot any technical issues if needed.

Additional Tips

1.12 Check all participants have stable internet connections.

1.13 Confirm device compatibility with the chosen synchronization tool.

Hotstar's In-built Sharing Features

Understanding Hotstar's Sharing Policy

1.14 Remember, at your Hotstar Party, different subscription plans allow varying access levels.

1.15 Be aware of the limits on simultaneous streaming and device logins.

Family Sharing Plans

1.16 Some plans offer options for family sharing, where multiple users can access Hotstar with their profiles.

Creating Multiple Profiles

1.17 Share these profiles with friends for a more personalized viewing experience.

Guidelines for Sharing Hotstar Content

Respect Hotstar’s Terms of Service

1.18 Ensure your sharing method complies with Hotstar's policies to avoid copyright issues. It is important to keep this in mind while hosting a Hotstar Party. 

Prioritize Privacy and Security

1.19 Avoid sharing personal login credentials. Use official sharing features like family plans or multiple profiles.

Enhancing the Hotstar Viewing Experience

Plan Virtual Watch Parties

1.20 Organize online get-togethers to watch movies or shows together.

Discuss and Engage

1.21 Create chat groups or discussions about the content you watch.


Sharing Hotstar content with friends can make your streaming experience more enjoyable and communal. While Hotstar Party Chrome extension using third-party tools offers a synchronized and interactive way to watch content together, Hotstar's own sharing features, like family plans and multiple profiles, provide a more secure and straightforward method. Remember to adhere to Hotstar's terms and respect digital content laws for a hassle-free entertainment experience. Whether through the Hotstar Watch Party extension or other alternatives, these methods ensure that you and your friends can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies together, no matter where you are. Get Chrome Extension

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